Simple Needs

We must raise $350 a month to cover four basic needs:

Voice Activated Telephone Service: Which helps Nancianna make calls and receive call to friends and family. Without this service, Nancianna would not be able to communicate by phone.
Organic Food:
┬áConsuming healthy, fresh food is an incredibly important part of Nancianna’s well-being. Without this, Nancianna’s diet would consist of an institutional menu. Fortunately there is a food coop located two blocks away making it convenient for her friends to keep her supplied with wholesome food.
Personal Supplies: Hygiene products and supplements are not covered by Medicare. Nancianna also must be mindful of her many allergies and skin sensitivities heightened by Multiple Sclerosis.
Compounded Medications: Keep Nancianna’s limbs flexible so her helpers can move her. Without flexibility, it is extremely difficult to move Nancianna.

We appreciate donations in any amount. Thank you for your support!

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